22 Wattletree Road, Eltham North

The first application for this site was for development of the land for a multi dwelling development consisting of 12 two storey dwellings and 3 storey apartment buildings and associated car parking, and altering access to the Road Zone Category 1. This was rejected by council. The applicant decided to not go to VCAT and has put forward a new application for development of 17 dwellings and a cafe and vegetation removal. We had dropped our former involvement in this issue as there are so many local residents presently involved and our work load is high. However, we have picked this up again and we are currently supporting local residents at VCAT.


Mon 14 February, 2011
We could not ignore this issue on such a significant gateway site and so we have continued our involvement. At a consultation meeting on 10th February 2011 no compromise was reached. This will go to Council soon for a decision and we hope the Officer Recommendation will be for refusal.

Mon 21 March, 2011
This overdevelopment of the site opposite the Eltham North Primary School has yet to go to Council. A consultation meeting organized by Council was attended by the developers, the objecting residents, Friends of Nillumbik and the Eltham Gateway Action Group. Nothing was resolved. We await developments.

Sat 5 November, 2011
5/11/2011: When this application came before council all Councillors except for Cllr Clarkson voted for refusal. The applicant is appealing the decision at VCAT. We await a hearing date.

Thu 5 April, 2012
The applicant has withdrawn his VCAT appeal. We await further news.

Wed 10 October, 2012
New application for 22 dwellings went before council and FoN objected. The application was refused unanimously and we are now awaiting a date for a VCAT hearing.

Tue 2 July, 2013
VCAT has refused this application, a very good result for residents and the environment.

Fri 10 October, 2014
A new application for 20 dwellings on this site has been made and Council has refused it. The VCAT hearing for this latest application is to be held on 21st October 2014. FoN and residents will attend and we will keep you posted.