265 Kangaroo Ground-St Andrews Rd. Panton Hill

We wish to make the following comments about this application:

“Group Accommodation” as a use, must be ‘in conjunction’ with agriculture or other  appropriate land use in the RCZ, so the existing land use which justifies the need for group accommodation must be identified.  It hasn’t been identified.

Remnant canopy trees and ground flora are present on the land and these must be managed correctly.  An arborist report is needed to identify species and trunk diameters etc, and any impacts which are likely i.e. from constructing the driveway.

The Farm Management Plan needs to be improved: It must identify all elements of the existing tree cover and include management actions to be followed including environmental enhancements.  This is essential given the Zones’ emphasis on conservation of environmental values.

The treed area in the south west corner should not continue to be grazed, as is indicated in the farm management plan supplied.  RCZ objectives require environmental values to be a primary concern; impacts must be avoided.

The application needs to include a Vegetation Management Plan so that the landholder is guided on how to protect and enhance the property’s biodiversity values.

There are indications of future expansion plans for this development, yet there is no assessment of how that expansion would reduce the farming capacity of the land or how local amenity would be affected.

There’s a risk that the cabins may become ‘permanent rentals’ rather than short-term stays if the project is not successful.  This must be avoided.

The Managers’ residence should be deleted – in the RCZ a second dwelling is prohibited.

The scattered cabins must be grouped together so that available agricultural land is not taken up with driveways, effluent envelopes and parking areas etc.



Fri 17 July, 2020
This application has been withdrawn. We will keep an eye on this but hope neighbouring, concerned residents who objected to it, have more than a temporary reprieve.