60 Bourchiers Lane Kangaroo Ground helipad

Friends of Nillumbik Inc is worried that a local landowner group's doctrine that you ought to be able to do whatever you like on your own property is bearing fruit in many parts of the shire with such things as illegal dumping of fill dirt being reported by residents. You will note the Chapel Lane scandal reported on this site, a serious example.

An application is before Council for a helicopter landing pad at 60 Bourchiers Lane. Many weeks have passed without Council receiving from the applicant the extra information they require. In the meantime fill dirt is being dumped without a permit. This is sensitive RCZ land in close proximity to the Yarra River. We will be keeping an eye on this application.

NOTE: You may remember that Cr Egan's Council closed Bourchiers Lane at the request of the residents at the height of summer a few years ago, blocking public access to the river. There was a huge public outcry with thousands signing a petition. After a time Council reopened this river access road. (Cr Egan is a former resident of this road).