Get involved in GWMP Review!

“Doomed plan for nature”, "The Age" of Saturday 9th June, page 5, reports on Australia’s depressingly familiar record on species extinction:
One in every ten native mammals have become extinct, along with 37 plant species.  Already worse than in any other country, we now have 41 new species of animals and plants officially announced as edging towards extinction (The Age)
Our unique Green Wedge biodiversity includes over 1,381 species of indigenous plants and animals including 14 nationally threatened species and 120 listed as rare or threatened in Victoria. (Nillumbik Biodiversity Strategy, 2011) We have a precious but vulnerable heritage.
With development pressures threatening natural landscapes, open space and bushland habitat, these are compelling reasons to get involved in Council’s management plan (GWMP) for 91% of Nillumbik - its Green Wedge.
We know the Plan is about much more than plants, animals, landscape, bushland and habitat.  But all these things are threatened, don’t have a voice, and need protection, even in circumstances where 79% of green wedge land is privately owned.  Planning laws are clear on this.

In view of this dismal news we urge all those who value the environment, biodiversity and sustainability to have a say!

If you receive an invitation to be part of the Panel that will help to write the new Green Wedge Management Plan, please accept.