How To Vote In The Upcoming Council Election

Blue Lake Ward  how to vote card
Bunjil Ward how to vote card
Edendale Ward how to vote card
Ellis Ward how to vote card
Sugarloaf Ward how to vote card
Swipers Gully Ward how to vote card
Wingrove Ward how to vote card

The Victorian Electoral Commission has started to mail out ballot packs. Check your letterbox and vote early - completed ballots must be mailed before Friday 23rd October at the latest.

Candidates standing in these elections have very different plans for our Green Wedge shire. Some are members of a pro- development political party wanting to remove regulations which have protected our Green Wedge for years. Others want to use their rural properties as they see fit, unconstrained by the council regulations which should apply to all of us. These plans threaten what we value about our unique shire. Our guide places these candidates last.

Your vote is important.

The local independent or community-based candidates we recommend will represent the whole community and its wish to see our Green Wedge Shire protected. They are well placed to understand local concerns.

Our guide for each ward highlights preferred candidate/s with a suggested voting sequence. Please follow if candidates are unknown to you.

Alternatively, you may wish to vote for good independents you know like Anna Henderson in Blue Lake; Sarah Hunter in Bunjil; Stuart Sinclair in Edendale; or Henry Haszler and John Fecondo in Swipers Gully – but please follow their suggested preferences.

 - Authorised by Greg Johnson President FoN, PO Box 258 Eltham 3095