Hurstbridge Open Space Precinct Plan

Council’s community survey on this issue, which only deals with three aspects of the Open Space Precinct Plan, is poorly designed and has caused some confusion in the community. The information sessions have not been well attended. However, we urge Hurstbridge residents and friends to complete the survey which is also available online.  Go to

We are assured by Council that the community will be consulted on other aspects such as pathways, seating, landscaping in due course.

In principle FoN supports the stadium’s rebuild as long as the footprint is not increased too much and that the rebuild does not require tree removal. We have no objection to some of the Lot 1 land being used for one outdoor netball court as this is a valid community use. We believe the Netball people are happy with this if they are to have an indoor one as well. We are reminded that design is crucial and choice of materials is important and must be appropriate to this area of natural beauty.

We give in principle support to the leasing of VicTrack Land for a Men’s shed.

As for the “Northern Play Trail and Waterplay” we do not see value in a waterplay area as this will see seasonal use only and be expensive to maintain. Water usage is something that we need to monitor carefully in the future. The money would be better spent in upgrading the Diamond Creek Pool. However the Northern Play Trail sounds appropriate.

In this whole exercise we would remind the planners that this is an Open Space area for the use of the whole community and we do not want to see open space diminished with the erection of too many structures. It is important to retain existing trees and to maintain and enhance the existing open space ambiance with sensitive indigenous landscaping.