Lastest news on Diamond Creek to Hurstbridge Trail

The trail has been at a “shovel-ready” status for a while now, with certainty of funding being the road block.  We missed out with a round of the Growing Suburbs Fund early in the year, as the amount on offer had been cut.  The ill advised “asset sales” scheme devised by council for funding projects did not go well, with an understandably strong reaction from the local community which did not want to lose its  public open spaces, so only three small sites were cleared for sale.

After months of CreekTrailblazers efforts in sending out letters explaining the Trail project to State and Federal ministers, we have had some success, with Tim Pallas and Danielle Green agreeing to provide $4M of State money for the trail from the VICROADS Active Transport fund. Council has budgeted to increase its share to $4M, which is needed for land acquisition. Now we only need another $3M – barely a lamington-drive away! Lobbying by Council has managed to get Nillumbik’s access to federal funds widened, so with elections coming up all fingers are crossed. There is also potential for funding from a new round of the Growing Suburbs Fund. With Victoria’s Treasury awash with cash this year all at Creek Trailblazers are upbeat.

Assuming a timely funding announcement council plans to have construction commencing in 2019.
CreekTrailBlazers also met with Wendy Lovell (liberal MLC Northern Victoria) with more project-promotion hits planned.                                                                                                                                                  Creek Trailblazers celebrated their fifth birthday at the end of May! Friends of Nillumbik is proud to have revived this long held dream and we remain strong supporters.