Letter to Major Roads Project Victoria re Yan Yean Rd, Stage 2.

Fri 21 February, 2020


Paige Krygger,

Major Roads Projects Victoria

contact@roadprojects.vic.gov.au                                                                     23rd October, 2019


Re: Yan Yean Road Stage 2.


Dear Paige,

Nillumbik’s Green Wedge is of major strategic importance for us and it’s for that reason that Yan Yean Road Stage 2 is of concern.  Clearly it will have a significant environmental impact on the north western boundary of our shire and on the values of our Green Wedge.

While we are not yet fully familiar with project details, we know it includes widening Yan Yean Road between Kurrack and Bridge Inn from 2 to 4 lanes which makes a very large number of trees vulnerable, apart from potential traffic impacts on Nillumbik’s rural areas and townships. 


In order to mitigate traffic congestion on Yan Yean Road in the mornings, has the functioning of the intersections at both Yan Yean/Kurrack and Yan Yean/Ironbark been examined?  i.e. If both these ‘choke points’ were redesigned for better peak hour traffic flow, could the planned widening of Yan Yean Rd be modified or delayed?

Has the planned upgrade taken into consideration recent improvements to alternative transport options i.e. Mernda rail connection and an improved Plenty Road?

What impact is the Bridge Inn Road upgrade likely to have on Doctors Gully Road traffic volumes and on connecting rural roads through Nillumbik?  Is there a plan to discourage increased traffic flows into Nillumbik?  What’s the purpose of the Bridge Inn Road upgrade?

We’d assume that MRPV will undertake a full EES for this project including likely impacts on biodiversity and endangered species etc.  We ask that you make such studies available to us, including an opportunity to discuss the issues listed above.