North East Link

Friends of Nillumbik has attended several North East Link Authority meetings and also the Nillumbik Shire Council/North East Link meeting on Monday 14th August. We have always maintained that our main aim was to put in a strong objection to any proposed corridor that went through the Green Wedge of Nillumbik especially a surface link but also an underground link. With an underground link the extent and number of interchanges (on/off ramps) would divide the Green Wedge with much environmental destruction and possible development which is inapproropriate to the rural conservation zones. We are a Shire wide organisation and we did not wish to advocate for any particular link but this is getting more and more difficult as information becomes available.

We objected immediately to Options C and D which go through the Green Wedge. However, Options B and C also may traverse sections of the Green Wedge to get to their destinations and it also cannot be denied that these two options would add to the already bad congestion in the Main Street of Eltham.It would also turn Eltham's residential streets into rat runs to the interchanges.Eltham people should take note of this.

We will report more fully very soon as we form and refine our submission to the NELA.

We urge you to be part of the NELA decision making process. Go