Submission on 110 Turnung Road, Panton Hill

Friends of Nillumbik Inc objects to the granting of this permit.
The plans submitted show that the environmental impact will be extensive. The property’s forest will lose approx. 400 indigenous trees, and all Burgan, and there’ll be a loss of habitat on the property for a range of flora and fauna including endangered, rare and threatened species.
This extensive loss is mainly caused by the decision to locate the dwelling on top of a ridgeline at a considerable distance from the access road (requiring a long driveway) and the requirement for defendable space around the proposed house because the property is prone to bushfire (BMO).
The contradiction between these environmental impacts, and the ESO covering the property, is obvious. Dwellings on top of prominent ridgelines is also strongly discouraged in Nillumbik.
Our group works to ensure Nillumbik’s Green Wedge values are protected from inappropriate development, so it’s necessary that Planning Scheme provisions are consistently applied. This is important in the public interest so that future generations will also have flora and fauna to admire and a Green Wedge to enjoy.
The proposal for 110 Turnung Road is essentially a rural-residential development which is not encouraged in the Rural Conservation Zone (RCZ3). In fact, the whole thrust of the RCZ3 Planning Scheme provisions is focussed on the protection and enhancement of environmental, ecological and landscape attributes of the area. This development will degrade these values.
Allowing more rural residential uses in bushfire-prone areas is not in the public interest in the current circumstances of a warming climate.
Granting this permit would undermine policies meant to maintain the Green Wedge and its values and will place people at future risk.

Greg Johnson – President, Friends of Nillumbik Inc.