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The Victorian Electoral Commission has started to mail out ballot packs. Check your letterbox and vote early - completed ballots must be mailed before Friday 23rd October at the latest.

Candidates standing in these elections have very different plans for our Green Wedge shire. Some are members of a pro- development political party wanting to remove regulations which have protected our Green Wedge for years. Others want to use their rural properties as they see fit, unconstrained by the council regulations which should apply to all of us. These plans threaten what we value about our unique shire. Our guide places these candidates last.

Your vote is important.

The local independent or community-based candidates we recommend will represent the whole community and its wish to see our Green Wedge Shire protected. They are well placed to understand local concerns.

Our guide for each ward highlights preferred candidate/s with a suggested voting sequence. Please follow if candidates are unknown to you.

Alternatively, you may wish to vote for good independents you know like Anna Henderson in Blue Lake; Sarah Hunter in Bunjil; Stuart Sinclair in Edendale; or Henry Haszler and John Fecondo in Swipers Gully – but please follow their suggested preferences.

 - Authorised by Greg Johnson President FoN, PO Box 258 Eltham 3095

Blue Lake Ward  how to vote card, Bunjil Ward how to vote card, Edendale Ward how to vote card, Ellis Ward how to vote card, Sugarloaf Ward how to vote card, Swipers Gully Ward how to vote card, Wingrove Ward how to vote card

Please donate to our fundraising campaign

For the past four years Nillumbik Shire Council has been dominated by a group of four Councillors who have failed to protect our iconic Green Wedge, have presided over financial mismanagement by squandering our financial reserves and replaced many experienced, competent staff. Do we want another four years of Council failing to consult with residents whilst pursuing an overdevelopment agenda?

Now is your opportunity. The election is a couple of months away and you can help elect Councillors who will consult transparently and have the integrity to act in our best interests.

Friends of Nillumbik Inc has worked with residents for twenty years. We lead a team of community groups and interested people of Nillumbik who oppose inappropriate development and protect neighbourhood character and our precious Green Wedge.

We all pay rates from many hundreds to several thousands of dollars, so make your voice heard! We ask for your donation of $50 to $200 to help elect a Council which will act in the best interests of residents, of the environment and of our children, the generation of the future.

Your donation will be used to support good candidates with election advertising, posters and flyers and electronic methods to put their policies out to the public view.

Please help. Send your donation to.....

  • Friends of Nillumbik
  • BSB 633 000
  • Acct No. 174 306 522

Supported By:-

  • Warrandyte Community Association
  • Nillumbik Environment Action Group
  • Green Wedge Protection Group

Authorised by Greg Johnson (FoN President), PO Box 258, Eltham, Vic 3095, mail@friendsofnillumbik.org

Why no Council VCAT action on dumping?

Spare a thought for Chapel Lane, Doreen residents with more illegal soil dumping threatening their farmland neighbourhood. With strong council action urgently needed to stop the trucks, planning spokesman Cr Clarke opts for more buck-passing rather than action at Tuesday 28th council meeting. He is supported by the mayor.

His lengthy notice of motion aimed at the government, won’t stop anything in Chapel Lane in the short term (see council agenda 28/7) It’s mostly a repeat of policy reforms already announced in last year’s letter from the minister and achieves nothing for residents and the environment. Is it just another opportunity for Cr Clarke to take a political party swipe at the government?

Council already has the power to take immediate action for Chapel Lane residents through Sec 114 and 120 of the P&E Act.  Under this legislation council can apply to VCAT for an urgent enforcement order to stop the offending land use. This should be done immediately.

Council has received reliable advice that large-scale disposal of fill (the offending land use) requires a permit even if agriculture does not.  This principle was determined by VCAT in 2016 and used by Cardinia Council to refuse a similar landfill application from the Earth Services Group in July 2019. The VCAT determination established that the large-scale disposal of fill should require a planning permit across all planning schemes.  Council only needed to examine VCAT records and consult Cardinia planners.

Mayor Egan’s believe that ESG does not need a permit is plain wrong.  Their operation at Chapel Lane is illegal because it doesn’t have the necessary permit. It can be stopped by council using its powers of enforcement.  It’s about time Council took real action to protect our Green Wedge.

Footnote: If Chapel Lane residents thought this problem would be resolved at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on  Tuesday 28th July they were sadly mistaken. Still no action planned!

After two Notices of Motion (Cr Clarke's calling on the State Government to act and Cr Perkin"s recognizing that Council CAN and should act on this), much rancorous debate and some very poor behaviour, residents will have to await a new Officer report and at least another Council meeting to find out what Council will do, if anything.

Council has given no commitment to take direct action against ESG despite clearly having the authority to shut down this operation and oblige the company to apply for a permit.

At our AGM on 19th March 2014, the Friends of Nillumbik Inc. members voted for a special resolution which gives us a new statement of purposes. This resolution (see below) was carried unanimously.


That Friends of Nillumbik Inc. (i) adopt the Model Rules for an Incorporated Association set out in the Associations Incorporation Reform Regulations 2012, Part 3, and (ii) replace the current statement of purposes with a new statement of purposes as follows:
Friends of Nillumbik Inc will work to support and promote the environmental and landscape values, neighbourhood character, orderly planning and good governance of the Shire of Nillumbik. In pursuit of the above and where resources allow, we:

1. Support at our discretion, council candidates at local elections who will further the values, character, planning and governance of the Shire in accordance with our statement of purposes.

2. Consider the appropriateness of planning applications including support for residents seeking to protect neighborhood character.

3. Promote the importance of sustainable development, energy efficiency and renewable energy use, as appropriate responses to the problem of climate change.
4. Participate in VCAT hearings.

5. Make public interest submissions at the local and state level on strategic planning including Melbourne –wide planning, Nillumbik township planning, and Green Wedge planning.

6. Support appropriate management of public land.

7. Support recreation and tourism facilities appropriate for Nillumbik’s special urban and rural character.

8. Participate in Nillumbik festivals.

9. Provide regular bulletins to our supporters.

10.Lobby other levels of government.

11. Monitor our local council including submitting on the council plan and budget where appropriate”.

-  carried unanimously

The Planning Minister, Matthew Guy, has signed off on Amendment C60. This ensures that the Hurstbridge Township Strategy is now incorporated into the Nillumbik Planning Scheme. Policies and controls are now in place to help protect the unique character of Hurstbridge's built environment along the Main Street. We consider that a recent decision by VCAT to refuse a proposed development at 780 Main Road, Hurstbridge is an early indicator that the Hurstbridge Township Strategy will be referred to in future VCAT considerations.