Friends of Nillumbik thank the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for the gift of the Uluru Statement From the Heart.

We acknowledge the long history and proud cultures of first nations people.

We recognise that a Voice to Parliament and Cabinet will begin to redress the many disadvantages first nations people confront and thus we urge all Australians to vote YES in the Referendum on the Voice.

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Our Shire Is In Crisis

Please donate to our fundraising campaign

60 Bourchiers Lane Kangaroo Ground helipad

Friends of Nillumbik Inc is worried that a local landowner group's doctrine that you ought to be able to do whatever you like on your own property

Update on Chapel Lane nightmare

Why no Council VCAT action on dumping?

Nightmare on Chapel Lane - farmland becomes landfill site

Neighbours in Chapel Lane, Doreen are shell-shocked.

Read Andrew Lemon's detailed history of the Eltham Civic Centre site which Council is proposing to sell to developers.

For a complete history of the Eltham Civic Centre site which Council is proposing to sell much to the consternation of the Eltham Community, go to

FoN contacted from across the ocean!

Reduce – Reuse- Recycle!

Hurstbridge Open Space Precinct Plan

Council’s community survey on this issue, which only deals with three aspects of the Open Space Precinct Plan, is poorly designed and has caused so

Lastest news on Diamond Creek to Hurstbridge Trail

The trail has been at a “shovel-ready” status for a while now, with certainty of funding being the road block.  We missed out with a round of the G

Bourchiers Rd, Kangaroo Ground. The gate has been opened.

Closure of popular Yarra River public access at Bourchiers Road.